Marinated diced baby goat meat pan-fried Nepalese authentic spices and herbs, served with puffed rice and chutney.

Traditional Nepalese dumpling marinated with chicken mince/lamb mince or vegetable mix, ginger, and garlic paste, mix spices, wrapped in dough and served with Nepali style tomato chutney.

A typical nepali style goat curry with bone, cooked with ginger, garlic, onion, tomato and fresh coriander (mild to hot)

Tomato, onion, white radish, carrot and green chili served with lemon wedge.

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Mix Naan Basket

Price : 17.00

Saino Special Goat Curry

Price : 18.00

Chef Special Taas

Price : 18.50

Chicken Mo : Mo

Price : 13.50

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